IRSPP5 2011 Beijing

The 5th Workshop of the International Study of Public Procurement will be hosted by the University of International Relations in Beijing in late October 2011. Attendance will be by invitation only, as has become our practice.

The theme of this workshop is: How Successful are governments in delivering public procurement opportunities to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Participants will prepare and discuss papers outlining the approach in their respective countries for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to participate in contracts and tenders offered by the public procurement sector in their country.

The research will seek to better understand what has been done in each participant country to enhance the opportunities for SMEs to compete for government contracts. Specifically:

  • Whether there are any laws or regulations that require public procurement to ensure that SMEs have an opportunity to win both large and small contracts?
    How SMEs can be assisted to ensure they are both competitive and able to connect with public procurement contracting opportunities?
  • Do regulations to enhance the opportunities for SMEs work in practice or are SMEs excluded from major contractural opportunities?
  • This research aims to provide a set of policy and practice outcomes of assistance to public policy practitioners.

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