IRSPP BookPublic Procurement Casebook – A major output of the IRSPP study has been the published Public Procurement: International cases and commentary. The book brings together the cases and the findings from the first workshop of the International Research Study of Public Procurement (IRSPP).

It also provides learning opportunities for managers and academics, by discussing change initiatives undertaken by other countries and other sectors. It presents a range of case studies of public procurement, covering diverse nations, sectors and issues, and these are combined with editorial commentary and contextualizing chapters to assist the student reader in understanding this complex topic.

The book has been edited by a team of internationally recognised experts in the field:

Dr Louise Knight, Senior Research Fellow at CRiSPS, University of Bath;

Professor Christine Harland, Director of CRiSPS University of Bath;

Jan Telgen, NEVI Professor of Purchasing Management at Twente University, The Netherlands;

Khi V. Thai, Professor of Public Budgeting and Public Procurement at Florida Atlantic University, USA;

Guy Callender, Foundation Chair and Professor of Strategic Procurement at Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia; and

Katy McKen, Centre Manager at CRiSPS, University of Bath.

The book is published by Routledge and is available to buy from Amazon